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Is there a chance that you encounter intermittent worries, unrelenting stress or an overwhelming fear? If the answer to this question is on the affirmative, then you might be suffering from Panic and Anxiety Disorder. However, it is not something that should be too worrying for you. There is help along the way. The best way to deal with this problem is to go the therapy way. Out of all the therapy procedures, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has been found to wield the biggest influence. Here is a set of reasons why you should opt for CBT just in case you have Panic and Anxiety Disorder:

  1.  Analytical in approach: CBT helps to uncover the sources of all your worries, fears and concerns and teaches you how to relax even during times of heightened stress.
  2. Develops a fresh perspective: This therapy tries to develop a new perspective in you to look at your own anxieties and fears and find out alternative explanations to the same. It teaches you to cope with the erupted situation and solve the imbroglio, if any.
  3. Customized to requirements: CBT is tailored to fit the requirements of individual patients. Rather than going along a generic way, CBT tries to understand what is ailing a certain individual and develops its course of action based on the same.
  4. Best in the industry: It has been established by countless psychological experiments that CBT deals the best with disorders such as stress, anxiety, and fears.
  5. A dual strategy: It has a two-pronged strategy. The cognitive part tries to find out the reason for the stress or anxiety and the behavioural part tries to modify the behaviour of the patient so that he could cope with the situations.
  6. Roots out negativities: Therapists suggest that this procedure tries to find out the negativities in your approach and eliminate them permanently so that the fears and worries don’t haunt you anymore.
  7. Helps to relax: Remember that CBT helps you to relax as well. For a person suffering from Panic and Anxiety Disorder, relaxing might be a little difficult. However, after about 8 to 10 sittings with a therapist, there are chances that the patient would learn to relax.
  8. Facing your worst nightmares: CBT provides a mirror to you such that you could look at your worst fears and face those.

If you any more queries regarding how CBT helps you to deal with Panic and Anxiety Disorder, please pay a visit to the Centre for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy located at Ontario, Canada.